Advisory body to the legislative bodies and the federal Government

Assignment / Task

The Social Advisory Councils primary task is to submit an expertise stating its views on the Federal Governments Pension Report. The expertise is to be transmitted to the legislative bodies together with the Federal Governments Pension Report by the end of November each year. The Social Advisory Council not only comments on the Federal Governments Pensions Report but also on recent developments in old-age security in general. Moreover, on certain occasions, the Social Advisory Council publishes special reports on topics relating to pensions.

Over and above the regular cooperation between the Social Advisory Council and the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, which has been in place for several decades, the Social Advisory Council has been giving ad hoc advice to the Federal Government on specific questions arising in the context of new legislation in the field of the statutory pension insurance.

The Social Advisory Council usually meets six times a year. Besides the members of the Social Advisory Council, representatives of certain Federal Ministries (Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Federal Ministry of Finance, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action) attend the meetings as observers.